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What are examples of interviewer bias?

Asked by Phoebe Smythe on April 10th 2012 7:37 a.m.

1 Answer to this question...

Answered by Mayura Rao on June 3rd 2012 2:11 p.m.
Interviewer bias happens when the interviewer beings to make assumptions about the interviewee that may not be accurate. This bias can dictate how the interviewer will ultimately recommend for the job.  1) Tha halo bias effect: This occurs when the job applicant creates a favourable first impression on the interviewer. This can be a physical attribute for example. For example, the interviewer finds the applicant's manner, accent or appearance pleasing or might discover they attended the same school etc.  2) The harness or horn effect and negative emphasis bias: Thi soccurs when the interviewer immediately judges a candidate negatively based on a single characteristic like appearence, where they went to school (like a competitior school) etc. The interviewer allows a small amount of negative information outweight the positive imformation.  3) The constrast bias: This occurs when an interviewer compares candidates to one another or compares all candidates to a single one. 4) Gut feeling bias: This unfortunately crops up immediately when an interviewer relies on a intuitive feeling as to whether a candidate is a good fit or not without looking at the qualifications or questions answered.